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Getting Married on the Beach in NC - Getting Married on the Beach in North Carolina

Get married on the beach at the Cape Lookout National Seashore, or have your wedding overlooking beautiful Taylor's Creek and Beaufort's Historic District. 


Beaufort NC, Atlantic Beach NC, Emerald Isle NC, Morehead City NC and Harkers Island NC can all be wonderful and unique places to get married, and we can help you make your BIG DAY perfect.

You've Come to the Right Place - Let us help you Plan, Organize and Coordinate your Wedding

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Specializing in Healthy and Memorable Cooking, Private Chef Duties and  Wedding Cakes.  Organic & Gluten-Free Available.




Providing Ferry Boat Service to the many islands of the Cape Lookout Area.  3 Clean Boats & Courteous Capts.




I purchased your DIY Wedding Guide back in June of '07.  It was so helpful and I feel I couldn't have had the ABSOLUTE perfect wedding on Shackleford Banks without the guidance, advice and references in your planner.  Every vendor I used, from the reception dinner held at historic Clawson's to the renting of chairs at Country Aire Rentals for the ceremony, to the wonderful ride for our guest on the Mystery from Beaufort to Shackleford, and lest I forget, Pastor Fred Simpson.

Thank you so much.

A very happily married,

Melissa Paderick

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Bonus Wedding Article

Choosing Music For the Reception - Some Things To Consider

Probably the most memorable things in your wedding day will probably be when you take your first dance as Mr. and Mrs. so deciding on the best music is very important. Indeed, music plays a sizable role at any reception as it could mean the main difference between a wedding that's filled with laughing dancing guests or one that has everyone using their seats looking forward to the day to end.

First off, there are lots of individual songs that are very important. Do bride and groom possess a song? If that's the case, that should likely to end up the first song. Then, you have the bride father/ groom mother song. That ought to be something sentential that all parties can connect with. Of course, when you cut the dessert. something humorous could add an air of fun for the reception. If you go with a live band, just a little drumming is perfect. Some more fun songs should be played throughout the bouquet throw and garter toss.

Are you aware that genre and forms of music you have to consider whether you are looking for any one particular sound or are you wanting a lot of different ones. Some people want to choose the traditional wedding music. All of the old lovey dovey songs and also the everybody dance songs for example "The Twist" and "The Chicken Dance". Others like to stick with a topic like jazz, big band music and even rock and roll. One aspect to consider however, is that your guests will probably be of all ages and musical tastes to want to incorporate a large variety of music to be able to please everyone.

Should you go for a DJ or live band? Many DJs will have a pre-made list that you simply give them. Using a DJ, there is no doubt that the music will probably be good since it is, of course, the recordings with the original artists. One one other hand, a band can be extremely nice too. You could get just a regular band that's familiar with songs to experience at weddings or even an instrumental band. A string quartet is one thing good to think about if there will not be much dancing.

When deciding on how your music is going to be played and who or what by, keep in mind a few things. If going with a band, make certain they can play several songs that can keep everyone entertained. Also, keep in mind that a live band or DJ can interact with everyone and may announce if it is time for each and every activity would you like to be sure to give them exact instructions as to what to do.

Music plays a sizable role on your own wedding day. The right song can provide you with memories you'll cherish forever. Go with whatever it is you would like. Just remember to possess everything planned out before the big day. Wedding reception music will get everyone on the feet to experience a good time or just be for mingling but whatever your option, you can be assured that music will add to the enjoyment of you and the guests.


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