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The Beaufort Ghost Walk won the Crystal Coast's "Number One Attraction" and "Best Tour Guide" - Bring the whole Family and join us for a great time!

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Featured on The Discovery Channel and in Our State Magazine

Walk the same streets as Blackbeard

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See the Haunted Historic District up close & personal, and experience a 300 year old cemetery called the Old Burying Ground

Take an after dark stroll through a Historic Town full of Haunted Tales.  Chilling stories of murderous pirates, unexplained happenings, ghost ships and haunted houses will have you looking over your shoulder on the way home.  


Walk the same streets as Blackbeard & see a 300-year old cemetery.   As enjoyable as it is entertaining, the Beaufort Ghost Walk is one of our most popular attractions and one that shouldn't be missed.  Families and Groups have a blast on this tour.  Kids love it!  


$15 per person


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(252) 772-9925



The Ghost Walk will leave from "Pirate's Corner" located on the beautiful grounds of The Inlet Inn in downtown Beaufort


The Ghost Walk will cover approximately 10 blocks  and will take about an hour.


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Directions to the Beaufort Ghost Walk


See you there!


What is a Ghost Walk?

The Beaufort Ghost Walk is a Guided Walking Tour through the Historic District of Beaufort, North Carolina.  Founded in 1709, Beaufort is the 3rd oldest town in NC, and the 12th oldest town in North America.  On the Ghost Walk, you will be entertained by your Pirate Guides, as they regale you with an enjoyable assortment of haunted tales, ghost stories, and  interesting histories of the Beaufort area.  In addition, you will hear about some of the amazing unexplainable encounters experienced by both our guests and guides during Ghost Walks of the past.

Port City Tour Company Cancellation Policy.


If you need to cancel or change your party size, you'll need to call at least 3 hours before the tour to guarantee that your card will be refunded.  If you don't call within 3 hours of your tour there will be no refunds available.


For the Shackleford Wild Horse & Shelling Safari, Cape Lookout Lighthouse Adventure, and the Pirate Island Treasure Hunt specifically, you must cancel by 8pm the night before the tour so that we have a chance to fill your spots.  If you don't cancel by 8pm the night before the tour there will be no refunds available.


As Featured...

Discovery Channel's hit show, GHOST LAB

Our State Magazine

US Airways Magazine

The Washington Post

Southern Neighbor

The Charlotte Observer

The Raleigh News & Observer

Daily Reflector - Greenville, NC

The Windsock

Coastal Kids Magazine


Crystal Coast Kids Magazine

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What people are saying


"Thank you so much for your masterfully told stories.  You have left a lasting impression on our students.  We enjoyed our Walk and look forward to bringing another group next year."

Patsy Turner

Surry Early College High School

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"The tour and guide were wonderful.  I don't remember her name [Kate], but, she provided great information about the history of the city and it's haunted houses.  I would recommend this tour to all who visit the area.  It's well worth it. 


I've had a chance to finally take a look at the pictures taken during the walking tour.  I was amazed at what was captured with my digital camera.  Orbs were found at more than just the Hammock House.  I've attached a few pictures.  These orbs seem to be in and around several houses with two in trees.  One is sitting in a tree at the cemetery.  I checked the other pictures I took to be sure it wasn't just a spot on my lens or flashes from other cameras.  This is truly amazing.  

Great Tour!"

Susan Rivery

Fayetteville, NC


"Hey guys,

It's the Mesings!!  My family and I went on the Beaufort Ghost Walk on June 8th, 2006.  First I wanted to say we had a blast - we were a bit rowdy, but I know our pirate LOVED us anyway.  I regret that I can't remember his name but I've attached some pictures that should help figure it out!  I also attached a front picture of the church with the haunted graveyard - Lots of orbs floating around.  There is also a picture of the graveyard in back with a pretty large orb in it!  My husband tried to say it was the moon but I zoomed in on photo shop and that's NO MOON!!  Sadly those two were the only "active" photos from the night.  We checked out the other photos already posted online - spooky!  Hopefully we'll see you guys again next year!  Until then...AARGH!"

Amanda Mesing

Knoxville, TN


    "Hello!  My family had a group of 11 go on the walk last summer on July 28. This was my our second trip to Beafort and my second time taking the tour. While at the Hammock house my cousin had trouble with his camera and cell phone but when he handed them to be the worked just fine. Later, while on Ann St. I took a photo of the Mace House and the instant it took the street light above flickered then went out, I must say it gave me quite a scare. Then while at the cemetery the grave of the young girl gave me the most uneasy/sick feeling of my life and I just had to walk away. Then as my mother attempted to take a photo of a grave our camera refused to work, but if focused on another subject worked as if there had never been a problem. We enjoyed Beaufort very much and would love to return a 3rd time. The ghost walk was great fun!"

Megan O'Donnell

 Pittsburgh, PA


"We  wanted to pass along what an enjoyable time we had on the Beaufort Ghost Walk last Sunday evening. Our party consisted of myself, my wife, her mother, and our 11 year old daughter.

Our guide was a young lady, named Charlee, whose knowledge of the subject and personality added much to the enjoyment of the tour.

We have been on similar tours in Charleston and Wilmington, but found this tour to be the best so far."


Michael Phillips

Raleigh, NC 


"My group, The Maryland National Park Commission had a wonderful time on the Ghost Walk with Kate.

They are still talking about it and their grand time in your beautiful town of Beaufort, NC.  


We really did some wonderful things while in town and the Ghost Walk was a highlight."


Dee Massi


Hyattsville, MD



"Just want to thank you again for such a wonderful time while our family was there. I promised I would send you pictures from my trip and here they are.   I was so thrilled to have such a great tour guide during all the events.  We will definitely be back during a full moon to try to hear the screams of Blackbeard's wife.

Can't wait to come back and visit you.  My trip was so wonderful.  I will be bringing my husband back to do it all over again.  I just can't say enough about you guys!!!!!!!!"




Cynthia T. Robinson





My friends and I very much enjoyed the ghost walk a few weeks ago.  Lit only by the full moon, the history was fascinating and the ghost stories bone chilling.  Thanks for a fun and informative tour!




Greensboro, NC




To whom this may concern,

While on vacation, my family and I decided to take the Beaufort ghost tour. During the tour, I took two photographs of a set of graves that lie right next to each other in the old burying grounds. In one photo, everything seems quite normal with no visible anomalies, but, in the consecutive picture of the same two graves, a robed figure appears standing atop the grave on the left. I must have looked at these pictures a hundred times, thinking that the figure was just another grave or pillar next to the graves I was shooting. It wasn't until I was showing a friend my vacation pics that he spotted it and almost fell from his chair. When I placed both photos side by side, I almost did the same. One pic, everything is normal, and in the second, someone is actually there. I decided to take the photo to a friend of mine who is a photography major at the local college, and he could not explain the apparition in the picture because, as he explained, it was taken with a 3.2 megapixel digital camera that is virtually incapable of double exposing or capturing anomalies that a 35mm would. This might sound crazy, but everyone that has seen this picture is speechless. This picture may actually prove the existence of some sort of being that is supernatural in nature, and here's why: 1) I have two pictures taken minutes apart of the same graves, one shows nothing, the other CLEARLY shows someone standing overtop of the graves (the cemetery was locked at the time, making it impossible for the entity to be human). 2) When you actually take notice of the entity, it is incredibly clear what you're seeing. There is no question that there is a robed figure blatantly there. 3) This photo was taken with a high-quality, digital camera that is unable to produce exposure errors. 4) I showed the picture to a professional student-photographer that could not explain why there is an apparition there. Instead all he could tell me was that, whatever it was, it was there at the time of the photo being taken. I have seen other "ghost snapshots" on tv shows and in books but have always been a skeptic due to the vagueness of the content in the pictures. Based on the evidence, this picture is the real deal as far as I'm concerned and I have yet to meet someone who has thought the contrary. 

Thank you,

Nick Keller

Youngstown, OH

Picture one - nothing out of the ordinary - You can see the leaves from the trees behind the graves

Zooming in you can see a robed figure standing on the grave


Hi all,

My family took the Ghost Walk Tour on June 22, 2005. We really enjoyed it!

Attached you'll find the house with the 'strange orb' by the tree.

Every person I've showed it to thinks it's 'misplaced energy' and they

'can almost see a noose at the top'. I think we should contact

'Ghosthunters' to have them come to Beaufort and investigate! :)

Thank you,

Michelle Ramsey

This taken at the Hammock House, where Blackbeard hung one of his wives 

Can you see the noose at the top of the orb? 



It was not raining that night.  These are called "spectral orbs" by ghost hunters.  To see this many in one place is truly remarkable.


Hello!  My name is Lisa Phillipps & I was on the ghost walk on Thursday, July 15th, 2005.  Here is the picture I took of Blackbeard's Hammock House...if you look closely in the doorway, there seems to be someone (or something!) standing there!  There was a gentleman in front of me who took the same picture at the same time I did & the doorway in his picture was completely black!!! SPOOKY!!! Thanks so much, the tour was a lot of fun & we'll be sure to do it again on our next trip!

Lisa Phillipps

Pittsburgh, PA

We were on the ghost tour nearly two weeks ago and took this picture.  we showed our guide, Carrie and she asked us to send it in.  When we got home we hooked the camera up to the tv and could see what looked like two faces.  One was on the left side and the bigger on the right.  We were the party of 10 and had a great time! 




Just want to thank-you again for such a wonderful time while our family was there. I promised I would send you pictures from my trip and here they are. I was so thrilled to have such a great tour guide during all the events. We will definitely be back during a full moon to try to hear the screams of Blackbeard's wife.

I will also send you a picture with the 3 ghosts in it..... If you look on the bottom right porch you will see 3 men. The first picture is the original untouched picture. The second picture is where I clicked on instant fix and you can see them better. My question is this. What part of the porch were the men found under that were killed?

Can't wait to come back and visit you. My trip was so wonderful. I will be bringing my husband back to do it all over again. I just can't say enough about you guys!!!!!!!!


Cynthia T. Robinson

If you look closely, you can see three Union soldiers from the Civil War on the right hand side of the front porch.  The middle one has his rifle resting on his left shoulder.

They were murdered at the Hammock House and buried under the front porch.


After taking the ghost walk we went back to the Hammock House and the Old Burying Ground to take pictures. We were amazed at what we saw when we looked at them.  We saw something in the tree and the bright object on the ground at the cemetery. We have since been back again and there is nothing on the ground to reflect light. Last night we went back again and here are two pictures with bright orbs. 


There is a story about the cemetery that tells about two orbs of light that move around together - two lovers re-united after death.  They seem to be making quite a "spark" together when they touch.



After we went on the Beaufort Ghost Walk, we returned to the Old Burying Ground to take some more pictures of the graves we had seen.  You can see from the pictures that the ghosts were out in numbers that night.  Mind you, it wasn't raining at all, and these orbs weren't visible to the naked eye.  But, they showed up easily on our digital camera.  Other people took pictures with different cameras at the same time, but showed nothing in their pictures????

We were pretty spooked.


These pictures were brightened a little, but only to show you the extraordinary number of orbs gathered in one place

An orb hovering over a grave



My son and I took your tour on Sept. 4, 2005 and we had a great time.   Here

are a couple of photos from that night, it seems we recorded lots of

activity that night.   Please enjoy the photos, post them if you want.

Thanks again.

Kevin and Austin Gaul



These are from the 6:30 tour on Sat. night the 15th of Oct.  It was my family and myself and we took several pictures on the tour and then went back to take a few more.  There was definitely something going on at the house.  I have several more pics but they are not distinct.  The first pic here, you can definitely see the circle, the second pic you can see it at the bottom of the door on the second floor, then the third pic you can see it in the top of the tree.  Must say that it was very impressive to see and witness.  Thanks TourBeaufort.


Jud Walton



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